Reet Good

Hi, I’m James, a freelance web developer from York

Reet Good is the online home of me, James Howard. I build great websites that people love using. I’ve been doing so for 16 years.

How I like to work

Website builds

Build your website

Does your business need a new website? Got an idea for an online app? I can help build it.

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Freelance development

Be part of your team

Need an extra pair of hands on a project? PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are my specialities.

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What I’m working on

I’ve been a freelance developer since January 2016. I’ve been busy on all sorts since then. Here’s a taste of what I’m up to at the moment:

York Glaziers Trust

The York Glaziers Trust

Designed by Chris and built by me, the new website for York Glaziers Trust showcases the fanstatic work they do.

The website is built on Silverstripe CMS, making it simple for the team to update.


GameSparks Portal

I worked on a front end project for GameSparks, the #1 platform for games developers. The project was to rebuild an existing UI to be more usable and maintainable.

The web app was built using Ember JS, integrated with the GameSparks public API.

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