Reet Good

Looking for a freelance developer?

Need someone for a web project? I might be your man. I’ve worked in all sorts of sized teams as well as doing full builds.

My philosophy is to build modules for re-use, build simple then iterate and to automate as much of the setup and build process as possible.

What I’m good at

Planning / UX

Solving problems is what I love; turning requirements into great user journeys and deciding how best to present information.

HTML / CSS (Sass)

I write OOCSS using BEM syntax. I build everything with reuse and efficiency in mind. I jointly created a number of SCSS modules.


I’ve written JS for years. I’ve used MooTools and jQuery libraries but now favour writing vanilla OO JS and plugging micro-libraries together.

React JS

I’ve built several React apps, including being part of a team on a large customer-facing console. I focus on reusable components and performance improvements.

Node JS

I’ve created basic Express apps integrated with Stripe for payments and Twitter for authentication. I use Gulp for build scripts across all my work.


I’ve been using OO PHP5 since 2005. I’ve built sites on SilverStripe and WordPress. I’ve written open-source plugins for both too.

Let’s have a chat

Give me a shout and we can talk about your project over a coffee. Or a beer.